Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Top Five Vigilante Movies of the 80s

The Top Five Vigilante Movies of the 80s: "Vigilante movies in the 80’s were a big thing and they have been ever since. There’s something thrilling about being able to go out and take your own brand of justice, but in the real world it’s got to be remembered that an eye for an eye always tends to make a bigger mess than one might intend. In the movies the good guy usually ends up getting the people they’re after but at the same time they make a huge mess that others have to clean up. That’s the part a lot of us don’t tend to pay attention to since it urges people to exercise caution and think rationally when emotion is what really gets a person worked up and wanting something to be done about the injustice in the world. If more and more people started acting like the lead characters in these movies then the world would revert back to a lawless place like the old west.

Justice might get done, but the rivers of red wouldn’t be worth it."

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