Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Favorite 80s Song!

So, what is your favorite 80s song?

Don't just tell us... TELL THE WORLD!

To celebrate Wave 80's second birthday, we want to feature you, our dedicated listeners, introducing your favorite song on the air! Simply send us a recording of yourself saying:

"Hi, this is (NAME) from (COUNTRY), and My Favorite 80s Song is (TITLE) by (ARTIST), on Wave 80!"

For the next month on Wave 80, every time the song plays, it will feature your introduction! Pretty cool, huh?

Send your recordings to If you need help recording a message, we can help you with that, too.

We love our listeners, and we appreciate each and every one of you. Come join us on the air!


  1. Hi, My Name is Amy from the United Kingdom and my Favourite 80s Song is Take My Breath Away by Berlin, on Wave 80!

  2. am I too late to participate?? My name is GWEN from Stony Brook NY . I have loved the band SAGA since I was 12 years old!!!!!!! I drove to Canada to meet them!!! MY favorite song/video is AMNESIA from the album World's Apart .. let's go back to the 80's!!!!

  3. Hello.. My Name is Patricia from Brazil and my Favourite 80s Song is Always on my mind - cover by PetShopBoys, playing on Wave 80!