Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Candid photos of pre-fame Madonna in 80s New York | Dazed

Candid photos of pre-fame Madonna in 80s New York | Dazed: "Just one month before Madonna rose to fame with her self-titled eponymous album in 1983, photographer Richard Corman captured her soon to be iconic charm in her quaint, lower-East side apartment. It was a fleeting moment, one where the world did not know Madonna, yet a 24-year-old Madonna knew the world. She was charming, present and powerfully in charge of her dreams: an energy that beams brightly in Corman’s twin-lens Rolleiflex portraits. With leather studded cuffs, double denim, a neck wrapped in pearls and signature red lips, this is Madonna just 30 days before she rose to be one of the world's greatest icons.

Corman met Madonna after his friend, a casting director, was casting for Martin Scorcese‘s The Last Temptation of Christ, which Madonna auditioned for. Even though she didn't get the role, Corman's friend knew there was something incredibly unique about Madonna and urged Corman to photograph her. Before the shoot, Madonna already had a cult following in New York by spending her days producing her demo and performing from club to club. “The first question I asked her, naively, was ‘what are your goals?’...she said: to rule the world”, recalls Corman. It’s this exact conviction that also flowed through the veins of 1983 in underground New York, as the city was crawling with soon to be famous artists. Corman, one of these creatives, would spend his days bouncing from Keith Haring’s studio, to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s house and Madonna’s apartment to shoot the faces that would soon rise to fame across music and art. It’s for this oeuvre that Cormon’s work has contributed to defining an early era of portrait photography that has become synonymous with understanding the art itself."

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