Tuesday, March 20, 2018

5 video games from the 1980s worth playing again today | The Seattle Times

5 video games from the 1980s worth playing again today | The Seattle Times: "Video games today might seem like they’ve come a long way from the 1980s. Graphics are certainly better, storylines are more complicated and there are even games to play in virtual reality instead of at your local arcade. However, those games from the ’80s, back when companies were first starting to come out with lots of different options, represent a golden age worth revisiting, according to Rob Schmuck, senior operations manager at Living Computers Museum + Labs and executive vice president of the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo.

“Atari had a mentality about games at the time that really makes retro games different,” says Schmuck. “They thought games should be easy to learn but hard to master. So anyone could really pick them up, but to get really good and deep into the game you had to really work hard at it.”

Today, Schmuck says, there are indie games that are trying to get back to that same mentality Atari had back in the ’80s. “Especially in Seattle, you’re seeing a resurgence of these types of games. Of course you don’t play them in the arcade or a big console anymore, now you can run them on a smartphone or a tablet, but you’ll see a similar experience in games today like ‘Shovel Knight,’ ” he says."

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